Ten Choices with Dokter Jah Irie

Freshly baked from Lola Malone, Durban South Africa comes Dokter Jah Irie!  This young tattoo talent is busting up the scene with his gnarly new school work. Thanks Dok for the rad hangouts here in Hong Kong.  Below are Dok's ten choices. 

Coil or rotary?
grinding coils.

Rain or sun?

Colours or greys?
colour for sure.

Butts or boobs?
butts and then boobs.

Reggae or Metal?
jah rastafari.

Thrill or chill?
good thrills then irie chills.

Mags or liners?
neptunes spears.

Rebel 8 or RVCA?
mike giant on that shit ,any day rebel 8.

Crew or solo?
crew for life.

Grass or gravel?
i like the herbs more than the rocks.