Ten Choices with Nicholas Mudskipper

Hailing from Cape Town, the mighty Mudskipper spends his days doing filthy tattoos on his victims with his sidekick Frankie and by night he creeps the alleys of Bangkok in search for hidden he-man treasures. If  your'e ever in BKK pop into his beautiful shop, Six Fathoms Deep to get a tattoo from any one of the rad artists there.

Check out his ten choices below..

mudskipper_2_edit 1.jpg


Coil or Rotary?  A main oke chops with whats in front of him at the time else

Vans or Converse? Vans my cuzzi

Lost or Found? Forever a lo$t boy

Wu or NWA? Wutang Forever

Moon landing or Hollywood hoax? As long as the Alien on my T shirt finds my dealer

Dogs or Cats? Dawg$

Home or Roam? Romany Creams with the Homies

Connoisseur or Amateur?  Mudskippers have fine taste, I'm a connoisseur of Filth

Summer or Winter? Sommer give my a kak chop bra

Need or Want? I need more Heman toys , I want more Heman toys


Check out his Instagram here to keep up to date with his awesome tattooing and hit him up when you are in Bangkok, Thailand.